Why You Need Proper Day Packs for Travel

Why You Need Proper Day Packs for Travel

One of the most important things I’ve learned since I started traveling is this; decent gear can make any adventure a whole lot easier. This includes day packs that can accommodate all the things you will need for your excursions.

Whatever activity you are doing for the day, whether it involves climbing a towering limestone or simply strolling around a quiet botanical garden, it is important to have a proper day pack that is lightweight, easy to use, and most importantly, has all the functionalities you need for your outdoor activity.

I don’t have a lot of day packs with me. I’m all about owning less stuff to avoid too much clutter in life so I made sure to have travel bags that I can use for multiple purposes.

Here are currently the 3-day packs that I use for travel.

Deuter AC Lite 26 Hiking Backpack


I’ve had this backpack for a while now and it has been my all-around travel bag. When I started hiking mountains, I never had a proper bag to place my essentials on. I was hesitant to buy a big backpack because I know I couldn’t possibly carry it considering how small of a person I am. So when I found this hiking bag in Deuter, I immediately bought it. It’s lightweight and can accommodate all the gears that I need when climbing mountains. My light and compact tent can also fit in this bag. I also like its Aircomfort back ventilation and its water bladder compartment. It’s a technical daypack that is definitely great for longer day hikes.

For a small woman like me, it provides me the technical features that I need that can also be found in larger backpacks. And even when I am not hiking, this bag has served me well in my travels.

Capdase Gento Plus for MacBook Air 13-inch


I have never bothered using a laptop bag until I became a digital nomad. Bringing your work with you while traveling poses another responsibility. You need to take care of your ‘money-making’ machines. Unless you’re a billionaire and you shit fairy dust, then you won’t probably need to take care of your gadgets. But as for me, I absolutely need a reliable laptop bag especially on times when I have to go to a coffee shop or a working space in a certain place without having to bring all my stuff.


This Gento Plus bag is designed for MacBook Air but the great thing about Capdase is that most of their products can fit most laptops and smartphones. For instance, I am currently using a  13-inch HP laptop but since it is universally fit any 13-inch laptop, I get to organize my things when I have to work anywhere I go. Moreover, the best thing about this laptop bag is that it has a high-quality suit fabric for the main compartment and a soft foam inner layer for added protection. It has other smaller compartments where I can place my pens, pads, wallet, and other important stuff. This is definitely one of the most functional and stylish laptop and daypack bag for business travel.

Quechua Ultra-light Backpack


I am obsessed with light packing so as much as possible, I do my best to bring a little backpack as possible when going on day hikes. There’s nothing better than having a compact and lightweight backpack that has enough space for you to put your water jug, snacks, and one shirt, perhaps. You won’t be needing a lot of stuff when hiking, right? I am currently using a Quechua ultralight day pack whenever I go on quick hikes to the mountains or a quick stroll around a city. After all, the things I really need are just the essentials for quick day trips. If you are still on the hunt for an ultralight backpack, pick one that has built-in pockets and can be easily folded when not in use. This is so you can just fold it and put it in your luggage or larger backpack when you no longer have to use it.

Waist Day Packs

I personally don’t use a waist bag because I find it unnecessary but some of my friends do. A lot of them are more comfortable to use it when hiking. To each his own, I would say. Waist packs are lightweight and have compartments where you can easily organize your belongings. It’s easy to access and since it is close to your body, you can easily monitor your things and it is much safer from pickpockets.

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Disclaimer: The second item in this post was given by Capdase. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.