Capdase POSH Armband

Capdase POSH Armband

When you think about hiking essentials, packing for an armband is definitely the last thing that will come to your mind. But for me, an armband has become a part of my hiking essentials. I have come to realize that my POSH Armband from Capdase is a necessary item that I need to bring whenever I want to go for a quick stroll or a day hike.

Whenever I want to go for a quick jog before, I would always bring this small backpack with me and I always needed to leave it on the baggage counter right outside the track field. All I ever bring is water, some cash, and my phone.

Why do I have to bring a bag for that when I can just bring an armband for my phone and just place my cash on my pocket?

Oftentimes, I have to check my email regularly to get updates from my clients so what I do when I’m hiking or jogging, I just wear my POSH Arm Band so I can easily check if I have something important to do. Plus, it is more comfortable and convenient for handling my phone.


The safety of one’s phone is the main and important feature of having an armband. Hands-free running or hiking is made possible with the use of armbands and to also keep it safe while doing vigorous outdoor activities. Capdase’s POSH Armband is also water-resistant and ultra-slim. Even a little amount of our sweat can cause irreparable damage especially when it is exposed inappropriately. We don’t want any water damage to our phones.


The adjustability of the straps is also one of the things that you need to consider when buying an armband. You will want something that can easily be adjusted to fit your arms. The best thing about Capdase POSH Arm Band is that it has two adjustable straps in different sizes included in the box. It comes with Velcro straps that can hold the phone firmly to your arms. I like it because of the soft texture of the rubber skin of the armband. Sadly, this armband does not include an extra storage compartment. I would have preferred if there was a smaller compartment for a small coin purse. Nevertheless, the important thing is its capacity to carry my phone.


This POSH armband is made for iPhone 6 and 6S but the great thing about Capdase’s products is that it can fit most phones and for their bags, it can also fit with most laptops.

The reason why I don’t use any armband before when I go on hiking or whenever I just want to stroll around the city is that I always a hard time using my phone. The touchscreen sensitivity is one of the things that really matter to me. The good thing is the POSH armband has great touchscreen sensitivity. It’s easier to control my phone’s features.

Even though this armband is a little more expensive compared to other products, you will still certainly get your money’s worth once you fully experience these features. After all, in this fast-paced world, we want something that gives us the convenience and easy to use features from the products that we buy.

Would you want to sacrifice a smooth use of your phone by buying a lower quality product? Definitely not, right?

I like Capdase’s vision of providing consumers quality products that last and helps them with their daily lives. Walking and hiking is an integral part of my outdoor life and having this armband has certainly made things easier for me.

This Water-Resistant POSH Armband 160A is currently priced at Php 480.00. Check out any Capdase stores or visit their website for more information.

To my dear readers, do you also use armbands? Share your thoughts below?

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Disclaimer: This item was given to me by Capdase for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.