My Dangerous Climb to Eli Rock


While I was still on the bus en route to Boljoon, I was thinking of what exciting thing I could do in the town. I mean, if you think of Boljoon, the first thing that would probably come to your mind would be the Boljoon Church or the museum or the nearby baluartes in the town. Although visiting historical places is exciting to me, it certainly doesn’t feel the same way if you have been to that place a million times.

That’s why I was looking for an adventure. A story.

This is the story.

I climbed Ili Rock on sneakers and jeans. No straps or sticks. No guide. Just pure, unadulterated adventure climb.

Now, remember the news that Ili Rock was badly affected by the 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 2013? Since then, a portion of this white limestone cliff has been pulverized as a mitigating measure to prevent rocks from falling as they pose danger not only to motorists but also to the villagers below.


This is what Ili Rock looks like right now.

I know. It doesn’t look appealing anymore. I admit that I was totally disheartened by the change. This white limestone cliff has lost its beauty, but I support DPWH with this to ensure the safety of Boljoanons.

Going back, I desperately wanted to climb despite the heat of the sun and the danger ahead. And I had no sunscreen, by the way.

Imagine trekking to a mountain of sand. That’s what it literally felt like.






My swollen feet and amazing sneakers 😀

i survived climbing Ili Rock! lol #boljoon #travel #laaganngabata #cebu #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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Climbing Ili Rock was part of my plan. But climbing it that way was certainly not! But it was exactly what I needed to get over my misery for not being able to join my friends climb Mt. Kanlaon. Hahaha. I now understand what Kuya Gino and Ate Sheila of said about that “thirst for an adrenaline rush”.

Here are some other places I visited in Boljoon.


El Gran Baluarte – This blockhouse now serves as a bell tower in the town. It is the biggest watchtower built in Cebu. Like any other watchtowers, it once served as a defense system of fortresses to ward off Moro raids.


Escuela Catolica – This structure used to be a dorm for children receiving instructions on taking their first communion and one time, served as a school. Today, this now serves as meeting place for various religious groups of the parish.


Inside El Gran Baluarte – This room was once a prison cell and a storeroom for weapons and ammunition.


A drawing of a Spanish Galleon made by one of the prisoners in El Gran Baluarte.


Boljoon Church Altar


An intricately-designed pulpit inside Boljoon Church


Baptismal Font inside Boljoon Church


Alright, that’s it! I’m going to Narnia!