A Quick Visit to the Sanayon Site in Santander, Cebu

A Quick Visit to the Sanayon Site in Santander, Cebu

When traveling to the South, you will know you are already in Santander once your bus passes the Igwaron or Sanayon Site located in Pasil, Santander. I’ve been to this place a lot of times when I was a kid but I just recently realized how beautiful this site is.

Most tourists or visitors visit this place for a quick stopover before going to their designated destinations.


What makes this site unique is you get to see the neighboring islands of Cebu such as Bohol, Negros, Siquijor and Sumilon. However, the last time I went there, it was too cloudy; I only got to see the islands of Siquijor, Sumilon and Negros.

I went there a month ago with my family to rediscover some places in Santander that I have visited before.

Here are some of the photos I took during our quick visit.


That blurry island over there is Siquijor 😀


And this, my friends, is the Sumilon Island.


 A peek to the western side of the Negros Island..


 There’s ongoing construction on the site when I went there. I guess they are finally building a small cafeteria for visitors and tourists.


A stairway to somewhere…


The Sigbin landmark.

My siblings and I were actually just sightseeing when we went there but then my father started climbing the Sigbin which, by the way, was really funny. Of course, we decided to climb as well.

The Sigbin is a creature in Philippine mythology that is said to come out at night to suck blood of its victims from their shadows.


The mastermind – Papa


 My sister Dudi


My baby sister, Louise


and me, struggling to katkat the sigbin.. Please excuse that laugh. My Mama pushed my butt so I can climb.. Haha


The whole gang…


“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family. Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” – Jane Howard

From Cebu City:

You can ride a Bato – Oslob via Liloan Port or Bato – Oslob bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal. Just inform the bus conductor ahead of time to drop you off at the Sanayon Site.

Note: Most people who go there have their own vehicles. We didn’t have one so we opted to ride a tricycle from Liloan, Santander. We were actually a little worried that no tricycle will pass by when we were about to go home since it was already night time. And you know, people in the probinsya sleep early. Haha. So to be safe, I would suggest that you rent a tricycle if you are planning to go there and just tell Manong Driver to wait.

Visit the Municipality of Santander Official Website for more information.