Where to Stay in General Santos City: Pinobretel Suites

Where to Stay in General Santos City: Pinobretel Suites

I like to stay in different types of accommodations whenever I travel. I’ve already stayed in homestays, hotels, pension houses, hostels, and even a traditional Tboli home. One of my favorite hotels I have visited this year is Pinobretel Suites in General Santos City.

I always have this mindset when traveling to never stay in expensive hotels if my itinerary involves exploring outside all the time. I don’t have a problem with hotels. In fact, I like to stay at posh hotels once in a while if I want to relax. Who doesn’t love taking advantage of luxurious amenities?

But as I have said, if my trip was meant to explore places, I would strongly choose to stay in affordable accommodations. Why? I don’t want to pay an exorbitant price when all I simply need is a bed to sleep in. I don’t mind sacrificing a little comfort so long as I am safe.

So when my friends, Flip, CJ, and I, went to General Santos City and stayed in Pinobretel Suites last summer, I was totally amazed by everything I saw and experienced. When I think of budget hotels, I don’t really expect too much in terms of amenities and overall service. But my expectations all turned out wrong the moment we checked in at the hotel. Everything there is not pinobre at all!

Standard room in Pinobretel Suites

The interior impressed me. All the rooms look amazing and cozy. The function rooms are spacious and look pretty upscale. And of course, there’s a good Internet connection too.

Their standard room which costs Php 750 (15 USD) has its own toilet, hot and cold shower, mini-cabinet, air conditioning unit, Cable TV, and a complimentary breakfast. 

My favorite spot in the hotel is the lobby on the second floor. There are couches and chairs available for guests where you can lazily stay in for hours. Based on experience, it is also the best spot to access the Internet. In front of this lobby is a small veranda facing the street, and depending on the weather, you will have a nice view of Mt. Matutum right in front.

Mt. Matutum was shy at this moment

Pinobretel Suites surely felt like home, and it felt even more homely when I got the chance to play the piano again. Memories of my childhood days playing the piano in front of my family in our house were rushing back as soon as I touched the keys. It felt good playing the piano again.

One of the best features of this hotel is their game room which can also be a function area. It can house up to 200 guests. It is an ideal venue for seminars and workshops, birthdays, weddings, conventions, and other special occasions.

Pinobretel Suites is situated between Tiongson Arcade and the DepEd GenSan Division Office. It is pretty much accessible via public transportation. There is a convenience store right beside the hotel and several eateries a few blocks away.

If you have any questions regarding the current room rates and for reservations, you may contact their Reservations & Front Desk numbers: (+63 83) 302 9149 (landline) and(+63 925) 344 3346 (mobile). You may also visit their official website and Facebook page.

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Disclaimer: My entire stay was sponsored by Pinobretel Suites. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of the sponsor.