Pinobre Beach Resort in Malapatan, Sarangani Province

You will rarely find me on beaches. That is because I prefer the mountains. But occasionally, I go to beaches, mostly because of an invitation. That’s exactly what happened when one of my blogger friends, Philip, invited me to visit their beach resort in Malapatan, Sarangani. Pinobre Beach Resort is one of the destinations we visited during our #GenSanventure project.

If you happen to visit General Santos City, I suggest visiting Pinobre Beach Resort. It’s just less than 30 minutes away. Situated in Barangay Tuyan, Malapatan, Pinobre Beach Resort is one place you would want to visit if you want to chill with your family and friends. One of the things that I first noticed when I arrived was its simplicity and serene environment. The place is also surrounded by coconut trees all the way towards the seashores. According to my friends, it was as if we were in Bali. *char

One of my travel goals was to visit the southern parts of the Philippines, and reaching Sarangani was definitely a dream come true. I still have Tawi-Tawi on my list, but I’m happy to have already reached this part of the country.

There were a lot of coconut husks and shells when we arrived at the resort, so we didn’t get the chance to swim in the sea. As if I know how to swim. So, after we had taken our lunch, we proceeded to the resort’s swimming pool. I had so much fun because we had the pool all to ourselves. CJ and I raced like crazy while we were riding the inflatable floats in the pool. Watch CJ’s vlog here if you want to see that funny race. Haha!

We didn’t really get to do a lot of things in Pinobre Beach Resort other than playing in the pool, but it was fun. Chill fun. You know, I rarely go to beaches and pools because (a) I’m scared of the blue sea and (b) I don’t know how to swim. But I absolutely want to do it again. It was one of those days where I didn’t think of anything else, but chill.

I really love that Pinobre Beach resort’s tagline is ‘Duol na, barato pa!’, yet everything you experience there is not ‘pinobre’.

Pinobre Beach Resort’s amenities include a convention hall, cottages, picnic tables, a kiddie pool, and an Olympic-sized pool. As of this writing, here are the rates and fees of the resort.

Entrance Fee – 30 Pesos
Gate Fee – 40 Pesos
Cottage Fee (day use)- 200 Pesos + 50 Pesos per head for overnight, until 7 AM only

The swimming pool is only open from 8 AM till 10 PM, and swimming attire is required.

If you have any questions about reservations and some other stuff about Pinobre Beach Resort, please call their Reservations and Front Desk at (+63) 83 302 9149 or (+63) 925 344 3346. You can also send them a message on their official Facebook page.