Where to Eat in General Santos City: Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant

Discovering new food spots is part of traveling. Whenever I visit a new place, I always make sure that I get to try foods that are unique in that place. So when my friends and I went to Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant in SM – General Santos City, I was hoping I could try any tuna dish. After all, General Santos City is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

And I certainly got what I wanted.

It was Day Two of our #GenSanventure with my blogger friends, CJ and Flip. After a day of having fun under the sun at Pinobre Beach Resort in Sarangani, we had our dinner at Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant in SM. This restaurant is one of the branches of Ranchero Group of Restaurants. It is situated near the Fountain Court in SM City General Santos City.

We were welcomed by Rachel and Paolo Sunglao of the Ranchero Group of Restaurants. We talked a bit about how their family restaurant started, and it was then I learned that they have been serving great dishes for 16 years now. It’s also amazing that this restaurant grows its own food on its menu. They get their fresh varieties of produce from their own farms including dragon fruit. I learned that dragon fruit can taste differently, depending on the soil where they were grown.

I was able to try Ranchero Nuevo’s dragon fruit shake, and it was really good that I kept filling up my glass. I’ve eaten a dragon fruit in the past here in Cebu, but I only got to appreciate this fruit in GenSan.

Dragon Fruit Shake | Definitely a must-try!

We tried several dishes which includes Pochero de Ranchero, Ranchero Baby Backribs, Kinilaw Trio, and their famous Seafood Fiesta Rice. Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant pretty much provides large portions at a great price. Of all the dishes that I’ve tried, my favorite is their Kinilaw Trio. It is basically a variety of kinilaw dishes with tuna as the main ingredient.

Kinilaw Trio

The Seafood Fiesta Rice is a classic rice platter topped with seafood varieties such as calamari, shrimp, scallops, and mussels.

Seafood Fiesta Rice, Pochero de Ranchero,, and Kinilaw Trio

Ranchero Baby Backribs

Baby Back ribs may be one of the most simple and common dishes there is, but Ranchero Nuevo’s Baby Backribs is exceptional. The meat is juicy, succulent, and so tasty.

And of course, every great meal ends with mouth-watering desserts!

It was definitely a great food experience! If you ever find yourself in General Santos City, don’t forget to pay a visit to Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant in SM City GenSan.

Disclaimer: Ranchero Nuevo Restaurant is one of our sponsors during our #GenSanventure project. All thoughts & opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and do not express the sponsor’s views or opinions.