Enjoying the Cool Morning Breeze at Crate Cafe

I like discovering unique coffee shops. One particular coffee place that got my attention was Crate Café located at Veterans Drive, Lower Busay, Cebu City.

I’ve decided to visit the place in the morning to enjoy the cool morning breeze in the mountains. To make the visit more exciting, my sister and I decided to walk all the way to Busay from my apartment in Lahug. I’ve done it several times, and I pretty much enjoy doing it every now and then.

When we arrived, I was surprised that the main crate house was smaller than I expected. It was so cute! I guess only 4-5 people can fit inside. There are small tables outside with little crates as chairs.

I like coffee places with serene and green environment. That is why I do not like most coffee shops in the city proper because you cannot think peacefully. Crate Cafe, on the other hand, did not disappoint me. The place certainly provides a unique experience.

The coffee and pastry options are also affordable. I had Iced Mocha Latte and pain au chocolat. I badly wanted to buy macarons but had to stop myself from doing so, because I had already eaten 5 pieces of pandesal while walking towards the cafe. 😀

The coffee tasted good, but there was really nothing that special to it. I guess, that’s because I see all kinds of coffee the same. Hehe. Nonetheless, I highly recommend visiting Crate Cafe. I would definitely go back, perhaps on an evening this time to enjoy coffee under the stars.

If you have no transportation of your own, the easiest way to get there is to ride a motorcycle from JY Square Mall going straight to Crate Cafe. The fare is around 20 – 50 pesos. Or you can walk all the way from JY Square to the cafe just like we did! *winks

For more information, feel free to contact Crate Cafe at 0995-128-7466. They are closed on Mondays, but open from Tuesday-Friday from 1 PM -10AM. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are open from 7AM to 10PM.