A Scooter Adventure to Baslay Highland Brew Coffee

A Scooter Adventure to Baslay Highland Brew Coffee

The scooter I was driving was making this loud screeching noise as I squeezed the throttle as hard as possible to accelerate my speed. I turned around to see how my friends were doing. They too were trying their best not to die.

Fuck, this scooter is not made for this adventure.

Driving on steep gravel roads was harder and more dangerous than I initially thought. One wrong move and I was sure I'd end up tumbling down the mountainside. But the hidden gem awaiting us at the end of this treacherous journey was enough to keep me going.

After nearly an hour of driving, I finally reached Baslay Highland Brew Coffee - a charming coffeehouse situated at the foothills of the Cuernos de Negros mountain ranges.

A Coffeehouse with a View

Upon arrival, you'll 
be greeted by a three-story bamboo structure. This coffeehouse is not just a place to enjoy a cup of coffee; it's a vantage point offering stunning 360-degree views of the Dauin coastline. The eco-friendly design of the coffeehouse adds to the charm of the place.

We were welcomed by the staff and given the option to order snacks and coffee or explore the area first. 
We wanted to look around first, so she told us more about the place. 

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Sustainable Farming Practices

Baslay Highland Brew Coffee is operated by the Baslay Highland Agriculture Cooperative (BASHACO). The cooperative's members are farmers who own and manage 220 hectares of dense forest land. The cooperative eliminates middlemen who often take the majority of the profits by handling the entire process from harvesting to roasting their beans. This approach gives the cooperative more control over the coffee production process and ensures better returns for the coffee farmers.

Baslay Highland Brew Coffee is part of an agroforestry project that replaced the traditional slash-and-burn method. Local farmers now cultivate coffee alongside other crops, promoting biodiversity and environmental sustainability. As you enjoy your coffee, you can take pride in knowing that you are supporting practices that protect and preserve the natural landscape.

But what I love the most is the concept of single-origin coffee. You know exactly where your coffee is from, and its flavor reflects the specific characteristics of the area where it was grown. Its traceability provides a deeper understanding of the coffee's profile, offering an experience that goes beyond just sipping coffee.

More than Just Coffee

If you are up for more adventure, Baslay Highland Brew Coffee has more to offer. You can request the friendly staff to arrange for a guide to take you to Baslay Peak, a part of the Cuernos de Negros mountain ranges.  It's an extra income for the farmers and a great way for visitors to experience the natural beauty of the area while supporting the local community.

The climb to Baslay Peak is moderately challenging, taking about an hour to reach the summit. You will pass by the coffee plantation and as you move deeply into the dense forest path, you will catch glimpses of local flora and fauna.

It had been a while since my friends and I went hiking so it was a good way to get our hearts pumping again. The climb was well worth the effort because as soon as we reached the peak, we were rewarded with a panoramic view that stretched as far as the eye could see. I have climbed Mt. Talinis before so it was also great to see the other side of the mountain range.

The island you see in the distance is Apo Island.

A Memorable Experience

The ride down from the mountain was a different kind of thrill. I had to turn off the engine and just relied on my brakes as I navigated the steep gravel roads. Unfortunately, there's no public transportation that reaches this part of Negros Oriental so it can be quite tricky to charter transportation to and from the area.

If you're planning to visit, I recommend renting a car in Dumaguete City instead. Having experienced that steep and bumpy gravel road myself, I wouldn't recommend driving a scooter on those roads, especially if you're not an experienced rider. 

But despite the challenging journey, the experience of exploring this part of the Negros Island was definitely worth it.

So, if you're looking for a kind of adventure that offers both thrills and serenity, consider planning a trip to Baslay Highland Brew Coffee. It's a destination you won't want to miss while in Negros Oriental.

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Map to Baslay Highland Brew Coffee