Mount Talinis Diaries: The Twin Falls of Nagabi

The Twin Falls of Nagabi is one of the spots that I was really looking forward to visiting during our 3-day exploration in Mount Talinis. I have thalassophobia and I also don’t know how to swim, but nevertheless, I love going to waterfalls. The sound of the heavy downpour and the feel of cold water against my bare skin is deeply relaxing for me.

We were on our third day of trekking, and we were already comfortable with our situation. We didn’t even want to leave the place. I, myself, was enjoying everything. No internet, no distractions, just, pure uninterrupted reconnection with nature.

Right after we set off from Rancho, we immediately went straight to the Guard House, where we’d eat lunch and leave our stuff so we could proceed to the waterfalls.

From the Guard House, you would only need to trek for about 15-20 minutes to reach the Twin Falls of Nagabi. I was spellbound the moment I reached the river. It was as if I was entering a rather magical world. Oh, the sweet smell of the moist mosses and the sight of the entangled trees was invigorating. It was the complete picture of a beautiful distant dream.

We had the two waterfalls to ourselves, so I definitely enjoyed everything. Sadly though, we did not get to stay there for a long time. It was about to rain and our guide warned us that it would be extremely hard to cross the river if the water went up. So sad.

The Twin Falls of Nagabi is one of the best places you can visit when following the Apolong trail. I would like to commend the Cuernos De Negros Mountaineers and all forest guards in Mount Talinis for keeping this place as clean as it should be. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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