Where to Eat in Cebu: KKD STK + BBQ

Where to Eat in Cebu: KKD STK + BBQ

What I like most about the restaurants in Cebu City is that each of them really has something to offer. There is always something new to try. The most current food place I’ve been to is KKD STK + BBQ. It is located at M. J. Cuenco Avenue-M. C. Briones Street intersection.

KKD STK + BBQ has a rustic interior and a very familial environment. I always love food spots with a fun, inviting, and unassuming environment. It gives me an impression of dining at home.

KKD STK + BBQ serves authentic Filipino cuisine. What I love about the restaurant is that they offer food that is already familiar to our taste buds, but at the same time, you still get surprised. They cook their food in such a way that you taste something unique out of it.

It was what I had in mind when I tried their eggplant omelet. I do not hate eggplants, but it is not something I eat every day. But theirs are really delicious. Such as a simple dish but it is my favorite on their menu. It amuses me when a traditional recipe is reinvented to introduce something new to the taste buds.

We were served with their best-selling dishes which are the crispy pata, chicharon, baked scallops, savory fish soup, slow-cooked pork legs, and of course, barbecues on sticks. KKD STK offers really great servings so it was rather a feast for me and my friends. Other than the eggplant omelet, I personally loved the crispy pata and baked scallops.

Cebuanos love getting their money’s worth when it comes to food. Dining at KKD STK + BBQ is really worth it. All these foods are available at reasonable prices that will most definitely not put a hole in your pocket. It’s the best place to bring your family and friends for a weekend get-together or even an ordinary day for good food.

If you are up to holding a party there, you can also rent the whole upper floor for only ₱ 15,000 (consumable for food + drinks) and that is already good for 30 persons. The second floor provides a gorgeous view of the sea along Cebu South Coastal Road.

And of course, never ever skip desserts! Desserts give one a good feeling after finishing a delectable dish.

We got to try the classic leche flan, fresh fruit salad, halo-halo, and choco leche flan. I was particularly smitten with their choco leche flan. The burst of flavors in my mouth of the chocolate and creamy caramel was greatly satisfying. I highly recommend trying it!

If you want to know more information about KKD STK + BBQ, you may contact them at (032) 231 6378 or check them out on Facebook.

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