Rediscovering Tops Skyline Garden with Go To Tops

It’s easy to love Cebu because of the number of amazing places you can visit in this island. But, it’s easy to hate it too, especially when you are within the city, where you have to deal with the worsening traffic problem. As a result, a lot of us would resort to quick getaways to escape the hustle and bustle of this big city.

Tops is like a sphere-shaped structure located at about 2000-feet above the city, which gives visitors a breathtaking view of the Cebu City skyline. It is one of the must-visit places of locals and foreigners alike within Cebu City because of its cool atmosphere. In fact, it is currently rated as Top 3 on Things To Do in Cebu City by Trip Advisor. It has five cafes and restaurants inside, but you don’t need to worry if you will bring food from outside because there is no corkage fee. Also, one of the amazing things that I recently found out about Tops is that, not only is it open 24 hours every day, it also offers free rental of space!

This edifice has been there all my life, but I only got to visit it twice, both of which I did not get the chance to take lots of good pictures. A few of my friends from Cebu Blogging Community and I, went yesterday night to Tops Skyline Garden located in Barangay Busay for a quick get together. I was hoping I could finally capture a good one this time, but apparently, the Universe had other plans. Haha. Nevertheless, this trip was fun, even though I only got to take a handful of good photos.



My sneaky attempt to capture a couple siitting on a nearby bench facing the city skyline. 


Claiming our free drinks! There are only select cafes in Tops where you can claim your free drink. You can either choose from coffee, beer, ice-cold sodas, and more.


The iconic circular open rooms facing towards the city. © Go To Tops


© Go To Tops


The spectacular Cebu City skyline at night! © Rady of


© Rea of


From left: Hey Miss Adventures, Blissful Snapshots, Basta Bisaya, Rady Set Go, Me, and Go To Tops owner, Paul Go | © Rea of

How To Get There:

The MOST convenient and cost-effective way to get there is to book your trip with Go To Tops. They provide a 14-passenger shuttle van which will give you a 20-minute comfortable ride to Tops Skyline Garden. The cost is ₱300 which already includes your round trip fare, Tops Entrance Fee, and free drinks. The service is excellent and Paul and his driver were also friendly and accommodating. You need not to worry about dealing with overpricing motorcycle drivers again, as Go To Tops offers a more exciting package at a fixed rate.

You can book with them by contacting their number 0942 518 0870, via Facebook, or by going directly to SSY Center, across JY Square.



And another great news ahead, starting next week, they will be accepting customers who would also like to go to Temple of Leah! Current rate and schedule are shown below.


For more information about Go To Tops, please visit their Official Facebook Page.