No winter lasts forever

My piano teacher once told me that you will never forget the first song you learned on the piano. Perhaps it’s true because even after 18 years of not taking my piano lessons seriously, I can still remember how to play John Thompson’s Little Spring Song. I can even play it with my eyes closed!

But what I really liked about this simple piano song is its lyrics and how its meaning changed for me over the years.

Little breeze from the South, you can sing, though you have no mouth.

Little songs, young and gay, full of cheer as a summer day.

All the birds and the beasties too, seem to know that the winter’s through!

And the grass, as you pass, whispers low,

“It is Spring, Sweet Spring.”


My life right now feels like a forever spring. I am at a point in life where I am truly living a life of happiness. It’s not like I am always dancing in glee but I just feel I am in a blissful state of contentment. Nothing is bothering me. Nothing keeps me tossing and turning at night.


I wasn’t always like this though. A few years ago, I suffered a lot and it felt like I was in an unending winter. I dreaded waking up because I knew I would just cry again and think of horrible thoughts. My nights were filled with dampened pillows and silent screaming.


first, we make the beast beautiful

I never thought I would recover from my struggle with anxiety and depression. Although, I think it never really left. I have learned to accept that it’s always going to be in my life, but it won’t bother me anymore.

When I started embracing the monsters in my head, I began to notice the change and realized that even the beast in me could be beautiful. Sarah Wilson’s First, We Make The Beast Beautiful was one of the books that really helped me in those trying times.

I was stuck in a cold, dark place but as I am writing about my pain and anguish now, I couldn’t seem to remember how it felt anymore.

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In literature, spring symbolizes rebirth. It’s a promise that everything can begin again, anyone can embrace something new.

Spring has come again in my life. Who knows how long it will last. But when life gets cold and dreary once again, I hope I will remember that no winter lasts forever. And at the right time, spring will come again.