Haneul Park: A Must-Visit Autumn Destination in Seoul

South Korea truly deserves its moniker – The Land of The Morning Calm. The natural beauty of its mountains, rivers, and parks is spellbinding. It even crossed my mind that I’d become a morning person if I ever decided to live in this country. If you are craving for mornings filled with peacefulness and tranquility, this is the country you should go to. You can find beautiful public parks in a massive and busy city like Seoul. So if you want to get some peace and quiet, you don’t really need to go far. One of these parks is Haneul Park or Sky Park.

Ha-neul means heaven or sky.

On my first day in Seoul, I decided to visit this park because I was told that it’s a must-see destination during autumn. It used to be a landfill but was converted into a park. There are actually five large parks in the World Cup Park, but it is the most popular among them. It is also located at the highest part which is why you can see the best view of Seoul and the nearby World Cup Stadium.


If you don’t have time to go on a long journey to other famous spots like Nami Island in Gangwon Province, I highly recommend checking out this park instead. It is located near the World Cup Stadium Station and admission is also free.

Getting to Haneul Park

Getting to Haneul Park is easily accessible via public transportation. Seoul has an efficient subway system so you don’t have to worry about getting to your destinations easily. From wherever you are in the city, just take the subway and get off at the World Cup Stadium Station. Find Exit 1.

Get on the escalator on your left and once you reach the top, walk to your left and find the stadium’s exit. It should be the exit where you can see a four-way crossing. Cross the street and walk towards the hillside. I highly recommend using Maps.Me for specific directions towards the park. After a 10-15 minute walk, you will find a booth at the entrance where you can buy tickets for a shuttle that will get you toward the top of the hill. It costs 3000 KRW for a roundtrip ticket.

You can also take the zig-zag stairway to the top which is about 250+ steps (I lost count trying to catch my breath. Haha!) before you can finally arrive at Haneul Park. It was quite a climb, but the view is definitely worth it.

Inside the park

It is crucial that you visit this park during the right time of the year. I heard the silver grass is cut when it is not in season. The silver grass is usually in bloom during October which is why autumn is the best time to visit this park.


There’s a lot of silver grass back home but what makes it appealing in Haneul Park is there’s a whole field of it. And when it is in full bloom, it becomes a perfect backdrop for your photos.



You will also find an entire field of broom cypress not far away from the silver grass fields. It changes in color depending on where the sun is facing. I can see why it is also called ‘the burning bush’. When it’s facing the sun, it gives out a vivid pinkish-red color that looks like it is burning. It was fascinating. Haneul Park is one of the best places to see the colors of autumn.


If you want to spend more time in the park, there is a convenience store inside. Restrooms are also available.


If you ever find yourself in Seoul during the autumn season, I highly recommend checking this place out. Haneul Park is open daily from 8:30 AM until 6 PM.