When Captivity Helps Conservation

When Captivity Helps Conservation

I never liked zoos. I’ve never been the type who gets fascinated by seeing animals in captivity. To me, it looks depressing when I see animals in them. But that is probably also because, in all my life, all the zoos I have visited were poorly managed. Not once in my life have I thought that captivity helps the conservation of animals. So it came as a surprise to me that this perception changed when I visited Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

A few weeks ago, my friends, Pam, Gay, Ella, and Chanel, decided to meet up and travel up north of Cebu. I met these girls several years ago when I was still a member of a blogging community in Cebu. I have since moved away from the city and we have not seen each other for a long time.

We actually planned this trip for some time, but you all know what happens when you plan a trip. It just never happens. Ha!

After several times to reschedule this trip, it finally happened. And since Ella and Pam were bringing their kiddos, we had to choose a place that was kid-friendly. Cebu Safari and Adventure Park was definitely the best choice for us.

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Safari Experience

I have to give it to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park; they really did a good job of constructing the best adventure park in town. They even said this safari and adventure park is one of the best in Asia. What I liked about it is that they definitely made sure to create a spacious area for each animal.


The kids, Zayn and Asha, definitely were the ones who enjoyed the entire experience. It was so amusing to see them both wonder and wander around the adventure park.


Life is not always black and white

I don’t like the thought of animals being taken away from their natural environments in order for them to be displayed somewhere else. We don’t necessarily have to see animals to appreciate them. Then I realized that this is always not the case. If there is one thing I learned in this life is that it’s not always black and white. It’s not always a bad thing when animals are taken from their natural habitat.



I began to understand that captivity helps conservation in some ways. When I was strolling around Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, I kept on reading the board plastered on each area. I learned that a lot of animals actually live longer when they are taken care of in zoos. And this actually made me think of the Philippine eagle. Poachers have always been a big problem for Filipino wildlife conservationists.



So to see all these animals actually being taken care of in the park made me realize that good zoos, after all, are necessary. They are regularly checked by the best veterinarians in town.


On another note, good zoos also help encourage the younger generation to pursue a career in zoology. The park holds a bird show every day and we were all lucky to witness it. Children and adults alike were amazed by how intelligent creature the birds are. If there’s one thing I learned from my childhood it’s that you will always carry your lessons with you when you are older. I learned how to treat animals nicely because it was what was taught to me as a child.


Good Zoos Are Important

Despite being doubtful prior to this trip, I am glad that I actually joined my friends in this one. I like it when I learn a lesson when I am visiting a place. Perhaps, the best thing I learned on this trip is to look at things with a wider perspective and not see things in black and white. There are things between right and wrong or bad and good. And what we find in between those are important. Because it is what it teaches us not to judge things immediately.


Good zoos are important. They pique their interest which will then help them to become more conscious of the environment. Because animals deserve to be treated well and that without them, do we even deserve to have dominion above all things?

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