The Three Little Boats

It was my 19th day in Lake Sebu when I witnessed this beautiful sunset. I snapped a couple of shots and decided to stop. I just wanted to just sit back and admire the beauty of the colors and chaos in front of me.

And then I saw these two boats. It reminded me of an old story.

Several years ago, while I was living in this orphanage, I made friends with two interesting people. We share the same passion for storytelling so we got along. But it was a complicated friendship. We were three different people. One day, one of them wrote this story and called it “The Three Little Boats”. It was a story of three little boats who set out to the rough seas, facing the unknown – looking for a perfect spot to anchor.

It was a beautiful story. I loved how it was written but also because it represented our lives so much. Those were dark times. A time in my life that I rarely talk about now. But that story kind of gave me hope that one day, the three of us will find that right spot to anchor – a home.

These two friends I am talking about have families of their own now. We all went through difficult times. Surviving the storm-tossed sea. They both found harbors to dock their boats.

I like to think that the two little boats have already found their home.

The third boat…

Still sailing. Still looking for a place to anchor.