That Mermaid Shop: When Style and Wanderlust Collide

That Mermaid Shop: When Style and Wanderlust Collide

Note: That Mermaid Shop has unfortunately closed its doors. As a result, I have taken the necessary steps to remove all associated links to their online shop from the blog. I will be updating the links on this post should they decide to reopen.

I’m the type of traveler who rarely takes a second look at anything about style or fashion. In fact, if I invite you to take a look at my closet, you will not see anything interesting. I bet my bookshelf looks more interesting than my closet. However, discovering travel-themed shops, especially for women, is like seeing bookstores for me. I would spend hours browsing for cute stuff that would catch my feminine side. That Mermaid Shop is definitely one of those shops that feed my wanderlust and eye for style.

That Mermaid Shop carries women’s apparel and accessories that are designed for travelers who love the beach and anything mystical! From mermaid-themed swimwear and accessories to unicorn pool floats, this shop can definitely catch any mystical lovers out there.

I took some time to check out That Mermaid Shop’s website and found several cute items. They have a variety of options for swimwear, dresses, jackets, tops, beach toys, cellphone cases, and other accessories.

Here are some of my favorites!

That Mermaid Shop Swimwear

From L-R: Annabeth Printed Monokini ($36.37) and Piper Printed Monokini ($36.37)

From L-R: Farrah Bandage Monokini ($61.27) and Sirena Graphic Printed Bikini ($52.39)

Floral monokinis and ethnic-printed bikinis are my favorites. It pretty much describes my contrasting love for simple and complicated designs.

That Mermaid Shop Coats and Jackets

From L-R: Scarlet Parka with Faux Fur Lining ($120.00) and Olive Bomber Jacket ($107.50)

Coats and jackets are the staple clothing of any travelers, especially those who climb mountains. I personally like parkas and bomber jackets because they provide enough insulation in cold weather. When traveling, we women like to be as stylish as much as possible to look good in our photos. This coat and jacket make me want to go somewhere cold right now! Ha-ha!

That Mermaid Shop Pool Floats

From L-R: Inflatable Giant Unicorn Pool Float ($71.96) and Inflatable Pretzel Pool Float ($26.54)

For someone who does not know how to swim, pool floats are definitely one of my must-bring beach toys. Who doesn’t want to chill by the pool with these cute floats, right?

That Mermaid Shop Phone Cases

From L-R: Shell Yeah ($45.42) and Flamingo iPhone Case ($18.00)

I simply can’t resist these phone cases! I mean, would you look at that. Aren’t they the cutest and most colorful phone cases you could find?

That Mermaid Shop is offering free shipping on all orders to Australia and New Zealand, and worldwide for orders of 65 AUD and higher. Some of these items are currently on sale, so you better check them out and feed your wanderlust!

For more information as well as updates and discounts about That Mermaid Shop, go visit their official website, or follow them on Facebook, and Instagram.

Disclosure Policy: This blog post is sponsored by That Mermaid Shop. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.