Christmas Caroling at Mt. Naupa, Naga Cebu

Christmas Caroling at Mt. Naupa, Naga Cebu

The last few weeks had been such a hell! I needed a breather. Good thing my friends from Malakat Outdoors decided to do a charity climb to Mt. Naupa. We called it Katkat Pakig-ambit. Basically, what we do is go to a certain mountain, sing Christmas hymns to every house, and distribute Christmas goods.

After our caroling, we then proceeded to the summit. I have never done any trekking at night before which is why it was a first for me. Cold air was seeping through my bones as I tried my best not to step on anything that would send me down the steep mountain.

The view was certainly remarkable. How I wish I grabbed my camera and took more pictures, but I had to focus on the trek. I had no headlamp and was relying simply on my phone’s flashlight and the little illumination provided by the moon and stars. I certainly don’t want to be Jack who fell down and broke his crown.

Our tents were already pitched when we arrived. Thanks to the mighty boys who did it while we were caroling around. We exchanged gifts and gathered for a few hours to talk, laugh, and dance. Just pure, unadulterated fun.

I woke up at around eight in the morning at the sound of my friends fixing their stuff back to their bags. I went outside and captured this view of the mountains. Such a breathtaking view up there!

This is the first time Malakat Outdoors organized this kind of activity. I am certainly looking forward to doing this again this December. It warms my heart when I see people smile.