Open House Experience at the International Academy of Film and

Open House Experience at the International Academy of Film and Television

Last week, I joined my fellow bloggers, Chanel and Claire, to visit the International Academy of Film and Television. I have not been traveling lately and I wanted to experience something new so I decided to just check out this film school.


The International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT) is a film school located in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu offering diploma and certificate programs in film making and acting. Their mission is to nurture the creativity and individual talents of their students,  to cultivate today’s independent global filmmakers, and to build upon the entertainment traditions of Hollywood and other film capitals of the world. 

Honestly, I do not have any plans of being a filmmaker or an actor but who knows, I might actually consider it in the future. 😀

When we arrived, we had to register for the specific tour we want to join in. There were three options: Acting, Film Making, and 3D Animation. I chose Film Making since I wanted to get some ideas on how to shoot films. I also thought, it would give me ideas as I am PLANNING to venture on video blogging. *crossing my fingers

Anyway, those of us who chose the Film Making tour were led to different rooms where movies are made and finalized.




During the course of our tour, we met one of the mentors who has worked as a filmmaker for about 20 years. I forgot the exact figure but it should be around that. Hehe. He showed us what they usually do in studios as well as the different lights and other equipment they use while filming. He also explained how the green screen works which I already know years ago during my trip to ABS-CBN Manila

He also picked two participants and asked them to sit on the chair in front of the green screen for a sample shot. They were to act as if they are inside a car. At the end of our tour, we got to see the short film he did and man, it was awesome! I wish I could show it to you guys but I forgot to film it on my camera. Tsk


But what I enjoyed the most was the last part which was the Screenwriting workshop. One of the mentors asked as a mind-boggling question and we had to write our answer which is basically anything that comes into our mind. After we had written everything, we then had to create our hero and antagonist as well as the theme of our movie. I was so amazed with what I have written that I thought I could actually create a movie out of it if I really want to. If there’s one thing I learned from that workshop, it’s that all movies come from the ideas of mere people – people like me.

If you are interested in enrolling to IAFT, please visit their website at www.iaft.net/landing/cebu/fb/ or get updates from International Academy of Film and Television’s Official Facebook page.