Cebu Blogging Summit 2014

After so many years of staying in the shadows, I finally decided to join a local Bloggers Meet. I attended the Cebu Blogging Summit 2014 yesterday at University if San Jose Recoletos – Basak Campus.

The reason why I didn’t want to join any activity involving Bloggers Meet before is because I was not confident of my writing style and the introvert side of me always kept me from joining activities like this.

But I realized that I won’t grow up as a blogger if I keep myself isolated from the public. And I really wanted to become a better blogger so in the future, when I look back, I’d be able to say that I did something valuable and relevant.

Anyway, I am grateful that I joined the summit yesterday because I really learned a lot of things and I also got to interact with a lot of bloggers. I didn’t expect a bloggers summit could be that fun! That’s why I would like to congratulate the organizers and staff for their efforts in making the event successful. I learned a lot of things especially on the discussion about SEO, Social Media and Libel Law Basics.

Mr. Ruben Licera Jr., Chief Blogger of, was certainly right when he said, “The reason why we we’re all here is because we want to be someone better minutes ago.” Indeed. I want to be a better blogger – a blogger with a purpose.

I look forward to be part of the Cebu Blogging Community and become an active blogger for social good. 😀