Hiking Osmena Peak for the first time

Lesson learned when I hiked Osmena Peak for the first time: Don’t do it on an empty stomach.

I have never climbed a mountain before this. So I didn’t know what to expect. I made the mistake of not doing prior research as well. Researching before doing anything is very important to avoid any accidents or whatnots. These are things that I really didn’t think of.

So when my boyfriend invited me to go on this trip, I just went along without thinking. What a stupid, stupid idea.

Stupid decisions on the way up to Osmena Peak

On the way there, I didn’t eat because I was thinking, “Huh, I’ll just eat when I reach the top.” I also forgot to bring my jacket which is absolutely the worst decision I’ve ever made. When we started hiking towards the top, I immediately realized my mistake. It was getting colder each step.

Osmena Peak is relatively an easy mountain to climb, but since I was not ready, I literally struggled so hard. I totally passed out and started shaking while we were still on the trail going to Osmena Peak.

Thankfully, I was able to recover after eating chocolates. We arrived at the summit at around 5 pm. We set up our tent, took some pictures, ate and watched the sunset before we slept.

I couldn’t describe how awesome the view is. We were also fortunate that there were only two other people at that time.

We actually planned to traverse to Kawasan Falls but ended up not doing it considering my situation the previous day. I really wanted to do it, but we can always come back next time.

Hiking Osmena Peak for the first time may not be that great, but it was a learning experience. This taught me to plan trips properly from now on. Because when you are in the mountains, you only have yourself to rely on.