Hiking Osmena Peak for the first time

Hiking Osmena Peak for the first time

Embarking on my first-ever hike up Osmena Peak, I quickly learned a vital lesson: never attempt such a feat on an empty stomach. As someone who had never climbed a mountain before, I was blissfully unaware of the challenges that awaited me. The importance of preparation became glaringly evident — a lesson I learned the hard way.

My adventure began with an impromptu invitation from my boyfriend. Without a second thought, I eagerly agreed, neglecting to do any research or preparation beforehand. In hindsight, this lack of preparation was not just naive, but potentially dangerous. This experience taught me the crucial importance of being well-informed and adequately prepared in the mountains.

Stupid decisions on the way up to Osmena Peak

En route to Osmena Peak, I made the ill-advised decision to skip breakfast, thinking I'd eat at the summit. To worsen matters, I also forgot my jacket, a regrettable oversight as the temperature dropped with each ascending step.

Although Osmena Peak is considered an easy climb, my lack of preparation led to a severe struggle. I ended up fainting from exhaustion and cold, shaking uncontrollably on the trail.

Recovery came after consuming some emergency chocolates, and we reached the summit around 5 pm. There, we set up camp, took photos, enjoyed a meal, and watched the sunset before retiring for the night.

The view from the top was indescribably magnificent, and we were lucky to share it with only two other people.

We had intended to traverse to Kawasan Falls the next day, but given my ordeal, we postponed it. It's a trip we can attempt another time.

My first attempt at hiking was far from perfect, yet it was incredibly instructive. It taught me the essential lessons of preparedness and the importance of respecting the natural elements. I now have a renewed respect for nature's demands. I'm eager to tackle future hikes with better planning and readiness.